Who Are We - Overview

Dublin ACT is a community coalition dedicated to pursuing environmental strategies that will positively change the way people think and behave regarding underage drinking, marijuana, and prescription drug abuse. Coalition members represent twelve community sectors as well as the community at large.

The Dublin ACT (Adolescents and Community Together) Coalition was created in 2008 in response to the U.S. Surgeon General’s Call To Action On Underage Drinking.  In fall of 2010, the Coalition received a 5-year, Drug Free Communities Support Grant (via The Office of National Drug Control Policy and The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration).  These funds, in conjunction with the receipt of two Cardinal Health Foundation Grants, focused the work of the Coalition on addressing the issues of youth substance use concerning Alcohol & Underage Drinking, Marijuana and Prescription Drug Abuse in the City of Dublin.

The work of the Dublin ACT Coalition is firmly grounded in evidence-based, drug prevention strategies proven to create population-level change including: providing community education, addressing access and availability, media messaging, as well as positive policy development and enforcement.
Members of the Dublin ACT Coalition:

  • represent a wide-range of community sectors
  • have been working to assess the extent of the substance abuse problem in Dublin
  • develop and implement population-level, prevention strategies that are unique to our community

ACT Mission

To prevent and reduce substance use in our community, with unwavering leadership and participation, focusing on the health and safety of our most precious resource, our youth. Central to its cause is prevention education for adults and youth alike, engaging all sectors of the community with proven research and facts surrounding the dangers of substance use

ACT Vision

Dublin ACT's vision is a safe and healthy community for all residents.

ACT Core Values and Goals

  • Increase both youth and adult perceptions of the personal harm associated with substance use
  • Decrease the number of youth who are using alcohol, marijuana, and prescription drugs
  •  Delay the age at which youth begin to use substances
  • Increase the frequency of youth and parents who express their disapproval of youth substance use
  • Cultivate a unified, community approach to youth substance use prevention

How Dublin ACT is Organized

The Dublin ACT Coalition has been structured to assure that the organization is effectively and efficiently meeting its goals, including compliance with our federal grant.

As the recipient of the federal grant, Syntero, Inc. (acting Fiscal Agent for the Dublin ACT Coalition) is legally and financially responsible for the coalition.

The day-to-day management of the coalition has been delegated to a Steering Committee made up of representatives from a wide range of community-based organizations. In turn, the Steering Committee works with members of the coalition and the wider community to organize and implement programs to help prevent substance abuse among Dublin youth.

A portion of the grant funds is used to pay the salary of a fulltime coordinator, who is responsible for bringing together individuals and organizations in the community. The coordinator works with members of the coalition to assist them in the often difficult process of implementing youth-oriented programs.

Your Community is Involved!

The Dublin ACT Coalition is comprised of community members from many parts of Dublin, including:

  • Youth
  • Parents
  • School District
  • Businesses
  • Healthcare Agencies
  • Law Enforcement
  • Government Agencies
  • Youth Serving Organizations
  • Media
  • Civic & volunteer groups
  • Religious Organizations
  • Other agencies involved with reducing substance abuse

Each partner brings a different point of view as well as skills and resources that enhance the common goals of the Coalition.
Additional Information You Will Find On Our Website About The Dublin ACT Coalition:

  • What We Do -- find out about the Coalition's community-based programs.
  • Our Partners -- the individuals and community organizations that make up the Coalition
  • How We Are Organized – the ways in which we are working to achieve our goals
  • Our Federal Grant -- where the money comes from to pay for Coalition initiatives and activities
  • Our Strategic Plan -- review our current action plan and our plan for the future
  • Community Resources – resources in your community to utilize for information and support
  • Ways YOU Can Get Involved and Take Action!