Local Substance Use Data


Accurate and up-to-date data regarding local youth substance use and the factors that may influence the choices our youth make in their every day lives is a valuable and necessary component to the work conducted by the Dublin A.C.T. Coalition.  As a result, the Dublin A.C.T. Coalition has made local data collection one of our key priorities.  In 2013 the Dublin A.C.T. Coalition provided funding, in partnership with Dublin City Schools, to administer the Primary Prevention Awareness, Attitudes and Use Survey (PPAAUS) district-wide with all 8th, 10th, and 12th grade students.  The PPAAUS survey, formerly provided to Dublin City Schools via The Safe and Drug-Free Schools Consortium, has been administered in our school district seven times since 1988.  As funding was lost for the Safe and Drug Free Schools Consortium program, the Dublin A.C.T. Coalition was proud to provide the needed monetary and staffing support necessary to implement this survey once more.

The purpose of PPAAUS is to:

- Provide information that can be used to guide prevention and intervention programs

- Track changes over time in use of alcohol, tobacco, other drugs

- Identify some of the correlates and predictors of drug and alcohol use

- Identify areas of problem behaviors and safety concerns

PPAAUS is an anonymous survey designed to measure student attitudes and reported use of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs and provide information on violence and safety issues.  Below you will find the following links:

2013 Data

1. The 2013 PPAUS Survey Executive Summary Report

2. 2013 PPAAUS 1 Page Comparison

3. 2013 PPAAUS Powerpoint Presentation


2011 Data

1.  The PowerPoint presentation utilized to conduct our community data release event